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Embodied Leadership – A Must Read Book Review

This post links the reader to my OD blog, ODInsights.com for a review of Pete Hamill’s book on Embodied Leadership. Continue reading

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The Paradox of Change – A Gestalt Perspective

Perplexed to be told “focus on becoming who you already are and stop trying to become something you are not”, I trusted the Gestalt process, and it worked. Continue reading

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Goal setting guidelines – running shoes optional

In previous posts I’ve shared frameworks, models and concepts around goal setting. I have another process-oriented framework to share in this post. This utilises elements of other concepts and adds to them. As I’ve said in previous posts, there is … Continue reading

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Being centred and grounded – lessons from a busy commute

Practising centering and being grounded on a busy commute helps me stay positive, focused on the present and enables insight. Continue reading

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