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Appraisals: 10 tips for making the most of yours

Tips for making the most of your appraisal. Aim for no surprises, be realistic and above all else, take ownership. This is your career, your development. Don’t be a passenger. Take the wheel and drive. Continue reading

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Plan-Do-Review is too simple – Add a little Reflect-Reframe-Refocus

Extending the traditional Plan-Do-Review process with Reflect-Reframe-Refocus, allows for the possibility that the original goal may no longer be the right goal. Continue reading

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Facing an uncertain future? – Be comfortable with your discomfort.

One of the greatest rewards in my line of work is to receive confirmation from someone that I’ve made a positive impact in their lives. I guess this is probably the case in many walks of life, not just work. … Continue reading

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Challenging behaviours in others: a four-step process

Challenging others’ behaviours is not easy. Not only have you got to offer feedback to someone who has just upset you in some way, you have to run the risk of them becoming upset themselves and also risk the relationship … Continue reading

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