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The Paradox of Change – A Gestalt Perspective

Perplexed to be told “focus on becoming who you already are and stop trying to become something you are not”, I trusted the Gestalt process, and it worked. Continue reading

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Changing cultures in our unethical banks and businesses

It will take a long time to bring about cultural change and for the majority to develop the courage to align themselves to the new way “we do things around here”. The stimulus for change has got to be us, the customer, encouraging the courageous few within these banks and businesses that we want to see survive and flourish over the long haul. Continue reading

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World-class individual and team performance – lessons from England Rugby Union

What does it take for a team to create a world-class performance and what personal traits need to be evident within the individual team members? This question popped into my mind after reading an article written soon after Stuart Lancaster … Continue reading

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