“Tony loves to learn and apply his learning to his management practice. His ability to weave together complex concepts is outstanding, and his willingness to continually challenge himself to excel has been a joy to witness over the 2 years I worked with him as his set adviser during his masters programme.”

“Tony is an inspirational leader…I will never forget his “Step Change” presentation at one of the…off-site meetings for all staff: about how to work better, smarter, harder – it was all practical and no hype. Any business will benefit from this kind of leadership.”

“Tony, is an outstandingly talented people manager and developer. His open, hardworking, passionate style endear him to colleagues and team members alike. Tony brings honesty, challenge and critical thinking to an area of business often linked with extremes of soft woolliness or process obsession. Tony led an HR team through a transformation at a time of significant challenge. Tony’s team were widely perceived as key enablers of a sales driven organisation. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Tony again.”

“Tony has a passion for the development of people but also brings a strong commercial perspective to all the work he does. It was a real privilege to have him on my team.”

“I have been highly impressed with [Tony’s] professionalism, passion for his craft and intellect. Tony gained the respect and credibility of his peers and colleagues quickly, through demonstrating a thoughtful and measured approach in a very changeable environment – his counsel was sought by many as they reappraised their own careers during this time. Tony is very driven, both in terms of his desire to add value to an organisation and in his own continuous professional development in the field of L&D and culture.”

“Tony has many great strengths…He is visionary and strategic in his approach. He is a natural coach, and has developed and enhanced the capability of our team to a high standard. He is empowering and trusting in his style which has enabled a great team climate. As an individual, Tony is professional, calm, genuine and supportive. I believe we are fortunate to have been working with Tony over the past 18 months.”

“Tony is a great leader who effortlessly gains the respect and support of his colleagues through his knowledge and understanding…He is very professional and a natural coach and mentor. I have personally seen Tony deliver challenging messages to a difficult audience and do so in a way that leaves them feeling inspired and motivated to face the challenges ahead. He achieves this through his interesting use of real life examples and by putting himself in the position of his audience. I have personally learned a lot from Tony’s style and approach…”