About Me

I thought it would be useful to summarise my experience and perspectives on personal development.

Being a reflector and amateur philosopher, I’ve always tended to ponder the human condition. Early in my career this curiosity led to my interest in personal development. Later, this grew into my chosen career as a people and organisation development professional.

With a natural curiosity towards personal development I chose a role early in my career that exposed me to some of the best personal development and skills training available in the UK at the time. After a short period in engineering, I switched to sales specifically to find a more developmental environment. This is where my passion for personal development really took hold. I utilised personal development to progress my career and became an avid student of the field. This interest in personal, and more lately, organisation development also informed my career decisions. I have always gone for roles that will develop me personally, not necessarily because it is the next natural rung on any particular ladder.

A varied career path, has been mixed with a passion for applying personal development perspectives to my day to day responsibilities. This mix has been instrumental in helping me become knowledgeable and, according to feedback, skilled in its application.

As well as my experience, I think it also important to quickly review the values through which I apply my work. My default stance is to assume there is greatness in everyone, should they choose to work hard to realise it. This greatness is defined by the individual, not by those around them. It is not necessarily greatness as defined by money or power. It is more to do with contribution, service, self-awareness and wisdom.

I see my ongoing major contribution¹ in life as the support of others in the achievement of their goals. I achieve this through the development of their confidence and a more informed understanding of their own traits and talents. I believe in a scientific, open-minded approach to exploring what it is to be human. I understand that there are many aspects of the human condition that have yet to be explained by science and I’m not sure that we will ever explain them all. This is not, however, an excuse to create alternative explanations. I do not subscribe to magic, the paranormal, superstition or the supernatural.

In summary, credibility for creating the content on mydevelopmentjourney.com comes from my experience, my values and, in no small part, from the feedback I receive from those I work with and support. Take a look at the testimonials colleagues and clients have kindly provided. You may also want to review Roffey Park, the institute through which I achieved my Masters in Science qualification in People and Organisation Development. My LinkedIn profile is also worth a look.

Having said all the above, the content on mydevelopmentjourney.com will have to speak for itself. The reader will be the final judge of my credibility and the usefulness of my writings. I look forward to reading your comments and feedback. If you have any suggestions for post topics or questions you would like me to explore, please do contact me (tony@mydevelopmentjourney.com).


¹ I’m wary of referring to my purpose in life. See why here.