“Improve Your Life With The Science Of Laughter”

mockedupbookWRA good friend and business associate, Stephanie Davies, has recently published her first book, Laughology – Improve Your Life with the Science of Laughter.

The title pretty much describes what the book is about. Laughology is the name of Stephanie’s business and the name she has coined for her study of humour and laughter and its impact on our quality of life.

Being a psychologist and stand up comic, Stephanie is well placed to write the book and she has done a great job of it. The book is easy to read and full of great tips and practical exercises. Of particular use are the FLIP and SMILE acronyms that help readers remember key lessons and activities.

At first sight this work might be mistaken for a book from the ‘popular’ psychology genre. This is definitely not the case. Stephanie has both sound academic credentials and relevant experience. She has worked in hostile and challenging environments where humour and laughter were not the first things one would expect to be used as interventions.

Stephanie knows her stuff and this book is well worth a read.



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