Goals: 10 principles of effective goal setting

I’ve previously summarised the research into goal setting. This post serves as a reminder and pulls out the key elements of that research into a bullet-point list.

I hope it serves as a useful prompt in your busy lives.

Here goes:

1. Develop a can-do attitude

2. Set specific goals, aligned to your values and beliefs (not what others expect of you)

3. Set stretching goals

4. Ensure you have the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals (if you don’t, set a goal to develop them, but be realistic: are they within your natural abilities?)

5. Break the goal into bite-sized chunks

6. Conscientiously attack your plan!

7. Gather feedback on your progress

8. Set milestones, reward yourself each time you reach one, and celebrate achieving your ultimate goal.

9. Work with a trusted buddy or coach

10. Learn from your failures

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