What we think about most of the time, really does become our reality

I keep a reminder of my goals next to my computer. It’s a collection of images that represent my personal and professional desired outcomes; how I want to be seen and what I want to be doing.

My friend and associate Rachael Beesley helped me compile the ‘vision board’. Some months ago we had a conversation about what direction our lives might take following a change in our work and personal lives.

Whilst I’ve kept the vision board in plain site and referred to it occasionally in conversation with others, I have not done any formal planning or tracking of activities around the goals it represents. What I have done, is committed these goals to my unconscious mind and in the absence of much conscious thought, I’ve achieved each one of them.

It wasn’t until I received some feedback from a client recently that I realised this to be the case. I arrived home, took the vision board off the wall and was able to declare all the goals as my current reality.

I’d highly recommend this, almost subliminal, goal setting technique. The vision board can be created electronically (like mine) or physically from magazine cuttings or by your own artistic hand. Crayons, felt-tips or mud will do the job as well as any other medium.

You might need some help though. Working with a coach who can ask probing questions and help you discover what might actually already be your reality can help the process. It can also help you avoid setting goals that might not be what you really want or need, or who you really are.

And remember, this goal setting process is happening all the time, as a perfectly natural process. What you think about most of the time, does indeed become your reality. So why not think about what you want to be and what you want to achieve for the good of yourself and others? Negative thoughts and negative deeds, are likely to lead to negative outcomes. Positive thoughts (conscious or unconscious) and positive deeds, are likely to lead to positive outcomes.

It certainly works for me.

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